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Henri de Rivel

Henri de Rivel Replacment Patent Browband

Product Code: 24171

Oak Bark
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    • Padded
    • • Integrated crownpiece
    • Stitch Detail
    • Imported Leather
    • Imported

    This innovative bridle is made with high quality, imported leather for a classy look. It will bring added comfort and functionality as well as style and quality.
    | Integrated crownpiece

    About the Brand

    Henri De Rivel - By JPC Equestrian
    The Henri de Rivel line of English tack is known for European design and quality at prices that offer great value.

    Equestrian Leader
    With an American team of fellow horse riders and aficionados, the company has since grown from 1992 to become one of the world's largest manufacturer of equestrian English tack and is sold to riders in more than 55 countries around the world.

    Unique Designs & Impeccable Finish
    Our Iconic Designs are a celebration of the horse riders who wear them & an embodiment of a rich legacy of our design tradition.

    Our reputation is built on innovation and quality. We work closely with our designers, our customers and vendors to develop products from the ground up. Each piece goes through the rigorous quality check with a high bar on the finish of the final product.

    Breadth of selection
    We offer a great range of equestrian products ranging from horse tack to highly comfortable saddles.

    Great Quality at Low Prices - What's the Secret?
  • We offer you great quality because we make all our saddles in our own factories where we can control every detail.
  • We always offers you great value for your saddle investment because we care as much as you do.