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Amazon Policy



Thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized Seller of JPC Equestrian Inc. on Amazon. To expand the reach of our brands, deliver exceptional customer service and maintain brand equity on the online marketplaces, we have set certain requirements that all dealers must meet to become an Authorized Seller on Amazon.


  • Dealer must purchase and distribute inventory from their warehouse (no drop shipping of inventory)
  • Dealers must be able to comply with Amazon's requirements for packaging, labelling, and timely delivery of products.
  • Dealer must maintain at least an 80% positive rating, working towards 90%
  • Dealer must have last annual purchases of at least $30,000 with JPC Equestrian.




  • Dealers must compliance with our latest MAP policy on Amazon.
  • Dealers must “opt-out” of any Amazon discounts, coupons, codes, or other similar programs that compromise JPC Equestrian MAP policy.
  • JPC Equestrian will require Authorized Sellers on Amazon to sell products only from the approved listings. Creating, duplicating, or modifying JPC Equestrian ASINs is prohibited. If an Authorized Seller wants to list a product not currently part of the Amazon catalog, they should request JPC Equestrian for the items to be added.
  • Authorized Sellers are not authorized to sell JPC Equestrian products directly to Amazon through the Vendor Central program.

 NOTE- Coupon discounts and free shipping are not available for customers who sell exclusively on Amazon.

"JPC reserves the right to limit quantities and/or items being purchased"

If your company meets all the requirements outlined above to operate on Amazon, you must request in writing and receive direct approval in writing from


Any authorized dealers of JPC Equestrian products that sell on Amazon without authorization are subject to termination or suspension of their right to sell JPC Equestrian products.