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Cavallo Sport Regular Sole Hoof Boot

Size Guide Product Code: 4303

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    • Light-Weight
    • Tough Tread
    • Velcro Closures
    • Permeable
    • Black
  • The Cavallo Sport Regular Sole Hoof Boot is the answer to so many hoof-related issues. These boots have so many great uses such as protection after losing a shoe until the farrier gets there, protection during live cover breeding, comfort after sustaining an injury as well as light riding on the trails. Your horse's natural hoof circulation is fortified with allowance of expansion and contraction of the hoof wall. These work great for horses with more sensitive feet and need extra protection. Being light-weight, having excellent tread and shock absorbing, this Sport Boot has got you covered on any trail, no matter the weather! With secure velcro closures, you'll be sure this boot isn't going anywhere except where your horse is. The regular size fits rounder hooves