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Pricing and Discount Policy

JPC Equestrian Inc. will invest substantially in promoting and building key brand names such as TuffRider™, Equine Couture, Henri de Rivel, Carr& Day & Martin, amongst others, that we distribute. These products are intended to become leaders in the industry against which other similar products will be benchmarked with both respect to quality and to price.

Since 2015 JPC has been committed to a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy to enhance and preserve the value of our brands. Registered dealers will find the Wholesale, Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and MAP pricing on our resource website In the case of discontinued items, there is no MAP and our dealers are free to advertise savings for their customers. In no instance may an active item be advertised below the MAP*, unless a MAP holiday is announced for a limited time during the holiday season. MAP holidays announcements will be for specific products and dates during November / December each year.

The following days will be designated Special Discount Holidays:
1. Memorial Day
2. Labor Day
3. Independence Day
4. Mother’s Day
5. Father’s Day
6. Valentine’s Day
7. Other special occasions TBD (check site for updates)

For a maximum of five days around the holidays authorized dealers may run a sale on all JPC products.   The % discount may apply to all JPC goods during the sale and discount must end at the conclusion of the sale period.

The following compliance will be enforced:
1. Customers found in violation will be sent a written warning for immediate rectification of prices to be corrected in 24 hours. 
2. Should the violation not be corrected within the specified timeframe, a 30-day sales suspension will be enforced. 
3. JPC reserves the right to cease doing business with any dealer who repetitively violates our Pricing and Discount Policy.

*Coupons, promo code and quantity discounts that are deducted at time of purchase are not considered MAP violations.