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Stride Control

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    • Stride control (striding) is an essential part of any rider’s development when jumping obstacles, and jumping them well, is a goal. Understanding and implementing stride control (being able to adjust the number of strides before and between fences) improves a horse’s rideability and allows the rider to further improve the horse’s technique over an obstacle. Jen Marsden Hamilton discovered striding from former US Show Jumping Chef d’Equipe George Morris, who credits her as being the first student to whom he taught the method that he’d learned from Bertalan De Némethy, one of his mentors. Now, after coaching countless riders and horses around the world in the striding techniques that brought her success during her own impressive competitive career, and Hamilton has compiled her knowledge in a concise book of exercises and insightful strategies. This fun, approachable guide will help all riders train with correctness and form good habits at home so they can be stars at their next jumping or eventing competition. Exercises include detailed set-up instructions and illustrations for reference; clear discussion of the purpose and strategy for the training session; and helpful tips, to ensure all involved are benefiting from the lesson. Throughout, Hamilton’s straight-talk and wry humor entertain as well as advise, providing an all-around superb guide to a necessary jumping skill.