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Lincoln Sun Bloc 200g

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    • A protective, soothing sun block cream developed to safeguard delicate, exposed areas of skin which are at a high risk of sunburn. This innovative formulation provides maximum protection using naturally occurring Zinc Oxide, a proven UV filter, plus 2 additional UV filters to reflect and absorb UVA & UVB rays. Water resistant properties enhance protection, ensuring each application is long-lasting and resilient. Use as a preventative to protect delicate skin against damage from the sun or to soothe sunburnt areas. Added Aloe Vera gently calms and aids recovery whilst the inclusion of Lanolin conditions and moisturizes. Easy to apply, the cream’s pink coloring acts as a marker for reapplication. Suitable for the protection of muzzles, scars and areas of photosensitive skin.


      • For topical use on horses only.
      • Avoid contact with the eyes.
      • Keep out of the reach of children.
      • Store in a cool place with the lid tightly closed.